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SSAC is a multidisciplinary company with over 35 years of experience in providing efficient and effective value adding consultancy services through working with global companies, whose knowledge and technical expertise offers excellent, superior performance, and provides wide-ranging

SSAC really helped us achieve our financial goals. The slick presentation along with fantastic readability ensures that our financial standing is stable.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.

Our Vision is to be the most admired indigenous, financial management and technical consultancy firm of choice by 2025.

Our Mission is to deliver high quality independent value-adding consulting services to clients through our wide breadth of experience and expertise of our local and international partners

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    • Benefits Of SWOT analysis

      Growth through innovation/creativity. Rather than be constrained by ideas for new products, services and new markets coming from just a few people, a Thinking Corporation can tap into the employees.

      April 25, 2021
    • Achieving Value for Money through Competition

      Many businesses, large and small, have a huge source of great ideas that can help them improve, innovate, and grow, and yet so many of these companies never think of using this amazing corporate asset. What is this highly valuable asset? Its own people.

      January 22, 2016
    • Importance of Organizational Culture in Business Success

      Says Morgan Fraud, the author of The Thinking Corporation, “Given that we are all capable of contributing new ideas, the question becomes how do you successfully generate, capture, process and implement ideas?” Becoming an organization capable of answering this question can benefit in a number of ways

      January 22, 2016
    • Enhancing Productivity through Delegation.

      The effort vastly improved the company’s planning and execution functions, created and implemented a new stock policy that accounted for specific SKUs and key variables, streamlined the order preparation process and reduced distribution transport times.

      January 22, 2016