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We have extensive expertise to render comprehensive professional opinion, audit and assurance support to our clients. In rendering this support, we test the validity of data from historical business events, including financial and non-financial information. Our work improves the quality of information available to those charged with governance and management of the business in making the right decisions and thereby decreases overall business risk. Some of our assurance services include:

Forensic Services

Forensic accounting is a detailed review and analysis of financial documents and records for use as evidence in litigation or to support business decisions. Having carried out a wide range of forensic audits, we are confident we can support our clients in the following areas of Dispute Support Services, Forensic Accounting, analysis, Investigations, Investigation of Fraud, Anti-money laundering reviews etc.

Internal Audit Assurance

The essence of internal audit is to help management identify and respond to business and other control risks and help mitigate these risks. In our Internal Audit Assurance service, our clients are gaining from over 25 years of experience of understanding processes and helping build controls.

Due Diligence Assurance

We review a wide range of financial and contractual documents and transactions in providing professional due diligence assurance and certification and validity of the substances reviewed. Our investigations and audits have helped our clients decide on potential investments, transactions and other business decisions.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

We support corporate entities in their aspirations to comply with regulatory standards, ethics and best practice. In the absence of appropriate legal standards, we support our clients can implement policies and standards that will ensure that they keep to best practice in their respective industries.

Professional Opinion

With over 30 years of experience of professional practice in Nigeria, we are well placed to offer professional opinion on a wide range of matters. This includes business development in the Oil and Gas industry, new company set ups to tax matters – amongst others.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance embodies policies, guidelines and systems an entity practices in conforming to global best standards. We can assist firms identify and implement suitable Corporate Governance structures and policies that will guarantee effective and transparent leadership, responsible stewardship,  effective management and the highest level of Corporate Excellence at both project and corporate level procedures

Public Records Back Ground Check

We carry out Know Your Client and Know Your Candidate/Personnel assurance services for our clients. We carry out extensive checks on individuals and companies in order to guarantee our clients peace of mind and the security of