Integrity, the valuable entity that propels any business

Whichever way we look at it, integrity plays a vital role in the success of any business. Either you are a business owner or the one looking out to work with other people in achieving a common goal; the characteristics of integrity which entails honesty, strong moral principles as well as good work ethics are the fundamental values you need for development.  As a result, most business owners especially the ones that values business transparency extremely craves this virtue in their employees, owing to the fact that it is imperative to proper business management and growth.


Integrity encourages trust, open doors to opportunities, respect and prevents corruption.  People of integrity are valuable assets to employers. So also,  business owners that runs business with integrity can easily earn the trust as well as support of investors and team members. If you are the educated, hardworking personnel with stupendous business ideas, but does not have integrity or see the need for it, you are prone to fail.

Why you need Integrity

  • It helps you to grow and maintain trust.
  • You will be able to see and face reality hereby addressing issues accordingly.
  • Its makes you a goal-getter.
  • It increases your ability to think outside the box.
  • It embraces negativity and its solution.
  • It Increases productivity and overall success.



Integrity, a light bulb that stands out from the dark ones.

Are you a person of integrity? Your answers to the questions below will help you to evaluate yourself  and discover ways to improve your level of integrity.

Can you compromise honesty?

Honesty owns a large proportion when it comes to measuring the virtues of integrity. A person of integrity never finds any pleasure in cutting corners or cheating others even when he/she witnesses tons of other accomplished people cheating and building their wealth on lies. He/She understands the extent at which dishonesty can disrupts the progress of a business, its owner (s) as well as members.

Do you often desire to do it right?

People of integrity often crave to do the right thing and do things the right way.  They follow protocols and understand how the act of executing task properly is imperative to business success.

Do you often say and do accordingly?

People of integrity always do all it takes keep their word or promise either in engaging clients or getting a job done. They know the value of every word; they understand promises are meant to be kept and active statements are meant to be fulfilled. As a result, they often speak carefully and might seldom sound reluctant in making promises but when they do, they go all out to ensure it is fulfilled.

How often do you speak the truth?

For instance; in the business world where there are quite a number of people with dubious character. It is usually challenging to uncover team members with shadowy acts that are unethical or unfair to the business , but for a person of integrity, speaking the truth is a must! Though he/she might be seldom diplomatic, nevertheless he/she ensures the truth is often wisely revealed.

Do you possess ethical standards?

People of integrity will never compromise their moral standards for any gain. They are usually principled and strict to adhere to constitutional lay-down rules.

Are you courageous?

To be honest, truthful, and bold amidst all odds; it takes a lot of courage, discipline and determination. Many situations arises in a workplace to demoralize or devalue people of integrity, but they never relent.

Do you acknowledge other people’s corrections or opinion?

In as much as they can be knowledgeable, people of integrity are usually open to corrections and consider other people’s opinion or perspective. They accept the fact that they cannot always be the best and they can also be wrong sometimes.

Are you realistic?

People of integrity are the most realistic set of people. They never “see blue as black”, they choose to accept things just the way they are not the other way round.

People of integrity are great leaders; always accountable and dedicated  to accomplish set goals. They make the necessary sacrifice to carry others along, so they don’t have to be celebrated alone.


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