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We guide our clients in making business decisions that are required to continuously add value to their businesses in the pursuit of their corporate mission. We have the professional expertise to seamlessly work with our clients through complex legal, tax, finance, market and risks factors, challenges and change relating to a broad range of issues. These include expansion investments; business integration and acquisition; restructuring; adjusting to new technologies; performance measurement, process improvement and transaction decision assurance as is set out below:

Value for Money Reviews (VFMR)

The concept of Value for Money (VFM) as a management tool was pioneered by our firm in Nigeria. We carry out reviews for clients interested in ensuring their scarce resources have been and are still being utilised in the pursuit of economy, efficiency and effectiveness which are the foundations for productivity anchored on continuous cost reduction

Cost Reviews

We validate both Capital expenditure and Operating costs as well as assess their recording and categorization including analysis of substantial cost items, categories of expenditures. We review of contracts and procurements to ensure conformity with best practice and Value for Money.


Drawing from our vast level of experience we can assist your organisation achieve the highest levels of compliance with Corporate Governance directives and legislations. Specifically we help our clients:

  • Carry out Corporate governance gap analysis – A review of existing governance against all applicable laws and regulations of Corporate Governance with a view of establishing gaps if any;
  • Design an internal compliance strategy together with necessary structures and processes focused on closing the perceived gap.
  • Implement recommended strategies to remedy areas of identified deficiency

Value Analysis

We review Capital projects through all stages of development and implementation - from the initial project and policy decisions, through to execution and commissioning together with review of revenue implications post-commissioning - in order to establish the project’s effectiveness. This is to confirm that:

  • The objectives that underlined the policy or project in its conception stage are still relevant.
  • Activities or output of the project are consistent with its mandate and are relatively linked to the attainment of the objectives.
  • Impact and effects either intended or unintended including revenue or cost savings resulting from the execution are in line with expectations

We also partner with our clients to close out project, capturing and documenting lessons learnt thus creating a feedstock of ideas for future projects.


Project Performance Measurement and Benchmarking

Performance measurement combines costs, schedules, business and technical data into metrics to show how a project has performed in a standard and consistent manner from pre-development, sanction, contract award (where relevant) and execution as a first step towards benchmarking.

Benchmarking compliments Performance measurement. It applies the metrics derived from performance measurement to provide comparisons with other businesses or projects. This can be internal - comparing results across a range of projects or processes or external - which compares results against a range of peer group company projects in order to establish gaps and provide a basis for continuous process improvement.

Project Management

Working with our international associates, we offer exceptional consulting services in the area of project control, co-ordination, management and systems development in the construction and operation of major capital developments on projects in order to minimise the risk of cost and schedule overruns from the onset by the continuous review of Quality, Technology, Safety and Environment. Below we demonstrate a typical approach to project management. This will of course be personalised to your unique project needs.

Figure 4: Project Management Life Cycle Approach

We support our clients in systematising their capital project development process by employing the following project management manuals:

        • Development Process Guidelines (DPG)

Project Development Guidelines provide a platform to achieve consistency throughout any new development, project or policy, enhance communication and sharpen focus on deliverables. This allows for common goals and objectives to be pursued and achieved by the use of project process language and practices. We assist management in constructing DPGs to provide confidence to senior management, asset managers, project and functional managers in the management, coordination, delivery and performance of capital intensive developments and projects.

        • Performance Measurement System (PMS)

Performance measurement is a technique whereby project or policy cost, schedule, business and technical data is analysed and developed into a set of metrics to show how the project or policy has performed in a standard and consistent manner from pre-development, sanction, contract award to execution.
We have the skills to support our clients in the development of PMS that would enable them to pursue value for money by ensuring that project or policy data is structured in a manner that it can be utilized to generate metrics to measure and challenge performance and enhance process improvement.

Change Management

This is a structured approach to change that ensures it is comprehensively and smoothly implemented, and that planned benefits are achieved. We focus on the wider impacts of change, particularly on people and how they, as individuals and teams, move from the current situation to the new one thus helping them maximise their strengths, positively address their weaknesses, capitalise on their opportunities and mitigate their threats.

Information Technology Services

Working with our IT division, Geo-Data Systems Limited, we offer first class services to customers and clients’ including Outsourced pay roll services, ERP Software Solutions, Information Technology Consultancy, Hardware and Infrastructure Management and Helpdesk and Support.

Human Resource Management

We have extensive experience in human resource management and development.  In conjunction with our associates, we undertake a detailed diagnosis of the human management function and provide advisory services in the following areas:

  • Skill gap analysis (HR Audit)
  • Recruitment (indigenous and expatriate)
  • Reward and Motivation
  • Training (In country and Internationally)

Accounting Services to Start-ups, Small and Medium sized enterprises (SSMEs)

Starting a small business can be a challenge. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping small and medium sized businesses get on their feet. Basically we do the admin so you can focus on the more important things like winning new clients and building your brand. We help your new business as follows:

  • Registration of your company with CAC, advice on company formation and guidance on appropriate management structures
  • Registration of your company with the Federal Inland Revenues Service (FIRS) and your local tax office (e.g. LIRS)
  • Accounting and Control procedures, Banking and finance
  • Shareholdings and the all-important shareholder agreements