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Our Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

At SS Afemikhe Consulting we are committed to delivering the highest standards of excellence. That is why we have established a wide network of technical partners and associate consultants locally and internationally. That way, our clients have the privilege of receiving first class solutions provided by the best experts in respective fields globally. It also means we can tailor solutions to meet our client’s specific requirements regardless of size or scope.

A few of our technical partnerships include:

Hart Group is a UK-based consulting organization with a large network of local and international associates.

Turner & Townsend operates as a single global company and provides services to many sectors including oil and gas, energy, commercial, hi-tech, health, PPP, mining and transport

Financial Advisory and Investment Consultants (FAIC)

FAIC is a highly professional organisation that carry out financial advisory, consultancy services and asset management


Aston & McHugh are training services intermediaries connecting indigenous talent demand with skilled and experienced experts.