Looking for funding?

SSAC can advise you on where to find the best finance option for your needs, including new and innovative forms of finance.

1. How to find funding for a business

Although some banks have not been so keen on funding businesses in the past few years, knowing who to talk to in each bank can really help when looking for funding, and there are alternative finance sources for all kinds of business. This is one of the areas we give quality advise if contacted.

2. How can I find funding for business acquisition or expansion?

With low interest rates and a sluggish stock market, there are lot of people out there looking for profitable and viable businesses to invest their money? Different investors view business types differently in terms of opportunity and risk. We will point you to the best ones for you, so you get the best deal.

3. What about alternative funding?

Today’s financing landscape offers a wealth of alternative business financing options. These business funding options include crowd funding, grants, regional growth fund, equity finance, and venture capitalist or business angels. Quality can be provided in this regard if contacted.

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