Starting a business?

At SSAC, we offer guidance to businesses on the following wide range of business startup issues.

  1. Developing the Vision and Business Idea. Developing a business idea is usually the first challenge faced by every entrepreneur when starting a business from commencement in terms of finding the right business opportunity.
  2. Assembling the Business Team. The second challenge that businesses face in the course of starting a business is assembling the appropriate management team such as a “strategic round table business team” that is expected to regularly meet to brainstorm on ways to grow the business.
  3. Raising Capital for the Business. Raising optimal capital requirement to grow the business is also a major issues that confront entrepreneur. We can advise and direct on the most appropriate sources of funding for a business.
  4. Business Location. Finding the right business location at times is not easy. We provide guidance to business on location, bearing in mind issues such as population, road network, proximity to market etc.
  5. Finding Good Customers. Good customers that will be loyal to your business and will be willing to move on when mistakes are made are really hard to find. With the guidance that we provide for business, good customers and business relationship can be easily accessed that will be mutually beneficial to the business and the customers.
  6. Dealing with Competition. Most businesses see competition as a plague and threat. However, at SSAC, we view competition as a good challenge, benchmark for creativity and the main engine that stimulates innovation and production of quality products and services at great prices. Our quality guidance will support your businesses in this direction.
  7. Unforeseen Business Challenges and Expenses. Just as a pilot is always on the watch for unpredictable bad weather, thunderstorms and technical failures, so also, a good entrepreneur must always be prepared for whatever may occur. Unexpected business challenges can come in the form of:
  • Deteriorating working capital
  • Staff salaries
  • High bad debts from customers
  • Loss of market share
  • Bills and taxes
  • Insufficient stock or inventory
  • Unforeseen resignation of staff from delicate positions

We support businesses with appropriate strategies to address the above unforeseen business challenges.

  1. Aligning With Industrial Changes and Trends in the Business Environment. Change in trends is a challenge businesses must be prepared for when starting a business. Sudden changes in the related industries have impacted businesses negatively. These trends in business environment, if not well mitigated can affect both the business growth and survival.
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