SSAC Positive Impact: Prospects of Healthcare Analytics

Data analysis can provide further insights into procedural, technical, medical, and other types of improvements in healthcare.

Companies such as SSAC Advisory and Professionals, providing services for healthcare analytics and clinical transformation are contributing toward better and more effective outcomes.

Common goals of SSAC include reducing the cost of analytics, developing effective Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems, providing platforms for better treatment strategies, and identifying and preventing fraud associated with big data.

A combined pool of data from healthcare organizations and biomedical researchers has resulted in a better outlook, determination, and treatment of various diseases. This has also helped in building a better and healthier personalized healthcare framework.

The modern healthcare fraternity has realized the potential of big data and, therefore, implemented big data analytics in healthcare and clinical practices.

SSAC, a consulting chapter of S.S Afemikhe & Co, a leading Chartered Accounting and Auditing firm, helps with extracting meaningful information from analytics in a dramatically reduced time and short span. It has witnessed a spectrum of analytics currently in use that has shown significant impacts on the decision-making and performance of healthcare providers.

For SSAC, helping hospitals and other healthcare institutions achieve optimal business results is prime business. It parades experts, who create value for clients through customized solutions, leveraging on experiences that cut across all aspects of healthcare services to help organizations anticipate change and overcome hurdles associated with risk-based reimbursement, policy change, and clinical outcomes.

Added to that, the company in its practices pulls together leaders of deep healthcare experience across financial, clinical, operational, data analytics, and legal disciplines. It comprehensively redefines its operations and processes, relying on patient-centric demands and rigorous best business practices.

SSAC works closely with clients to seek the most efficient route to affect change for healthcare providers, payers, and investors and leverages its extensive network to connect clients with the right sources of capital to optimize transactions.

It equally provides audit and accounting services for hospitals and other healthcare organizations, ranging from small medical clinics, and ancillary providers to tertiary healthcare centers. Its long-standing experience has equipped its auditors with the ability to quickly identify the financial reporting areas of great risk to an organization and to efficiently and effectively carry out audit and accounting services.

SSAC generally assists clients with new opportunities to improve performance in the short term and achieve longer-term transformational change, making them realize that in a rapidly evolving business and regulatory environment, the right guidance is more important than ever. It draws on deep industry experience and global resources to help clients traverse change, bolster investor confidence and strengthen their business value.

SSAC is a trusted advisor with knowledge, expertise, and necessary resources that help steer the ever-more-complex and integrated new world we now have.

Healthcare organizations that are aware of SSAC’s existence are rather fortunate. It’s available to ever help them transverse complex compliance issues through system strategy redesign, process optimization, proactive and investigative data analytics, and contract management strategy, having to its credit seasoned professionals, including healthcare executives, clinical practitioners, forensic technologists, auditors, and regulatory specialists.

The exponential growth of medical data from various domains has forced notable experts of the likes of SSAC to design innovative strategies to analyze and interpret such enormous amounts of data within a given timeframe, the greatest asset of big data analytics lies in its limitless possibilities.

The birth and integration of big data within the past few years have brought substantial advancements in the health care sector, ranging from medical data management to drug discovery programs for complex human diseases, including cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

SSAC is optimistic that big data analytics will add to and bolster the existing pipeline of healthcare advances instead of replacing skilled manpower, subject knowledge experts, and intellectuals, a notion that has been argued by many.

In the opinion of the firm, big data analytics will be marching soon towards a predictive system. This would mean the prediction of futuristic outcomes in an individual’s health state based on current or existing data, including EHR-based and Omics-based, hopeful that structured information obtained from certain geography might lead to the generation of population health information. Taken together, big data will facilitate healthcare by introducing the prediction of epidemics in relation to population health, providing early warnings of disease conditions, and helping in the discovery of novel biomarkers and intelligent therapeutic intervention strategies for an improved quality of life.

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