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Transaction Advisory Services: An Eye on Opportunities, Risk Management

SSAC Advisory and Professionals evaluates and navigates corporate transactions to the efficient and effective point of success, raising businesses to higher heights, varying from growth, and profitability to sustainability, and ensuring that making informed decisions become the norm.

Making it a guiding principle for business and stakeholders in its transaction advisory services (TAS) that buying, selling, expanding, or restructuring is a major milestone, it brings to focus business modelling, merger & acquisition, valuations, and capital raising, as it works closely with entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and private equity groups to offer fully integrated transaction advisory services.

It’s crucial for businesses exploring expansion or selling out to enter into promising and fruitful joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions in addition to examining and analysing risks, tax evaluation, legal and regulatory conditions, and social and cultural implications before closing the deals as they are most necessary for a deal’s success or failure.

Specialised professional services for the inevitable handling of such soft rudiments are known and tagged as Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) with experts such as the SSAC offering these services and helping clients to identify transactional risks to make strategic decision-making become easy for them.

TAS services are not just limited to identifying risks for informed decision-making, it extends to actual deal closures and beyond.


TAS Import and Helps

To make the right choices and daily overcome new challenges, a business is required to critically and properly think and analyse its decisions.

TAS in this regard helps businesses to understand the risk and reward of transactions, providing tailor-made solutions to all transactional needs as the businesses get expert and experienced advice from the likes of SSAC Advisory and Professionals to support them throughout the transactional cycle.

Particularly known for offering a support system for businesses on important transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, completion of due diligence reports for transaction viability and legality,  great value transactions, strategic guidance and due diligence at all steps of deals, including capital raising, cost provision and schedule, investment, and delivery, SSAC, like every thorough TAS expert, help businesses to avoid uncertainties and make better decisions, covering domestic and cross-border transactions.

At all stages of transaction life cycles, from transaction strategy, assessment & due diligence to implementation & performance improvement, transaction services give businesses a competitive edge in the market, making the following easy possibility for them:

Working Capital Analysis

SSAC is equipped with reviving businesses to prosperity, conducting in-depth analysis and determining working capital requirements for enhanced and efficient operations to give them overwhelming support.

Due Diligence in All Business

SSAC is in this now for over three decades, providing exceptional services in corporate restructuring.

There are multiple related factors that ensure smooth transaction services, including Legal Due Diligence, which bothers on taking care of the legal aspect of a business, including preparation and extensive verification of documents of contracts, regular consideration of legal matters, and check on licence validity, Financial Due Diligence, involving the analysis of a company’s current financial condition, reviewing its financial statements, calculating its overall expenditure, and analysing its generated revenue, then, Transfer Pricing Services, which deals with the efficient allocation of cost, revenue, and profit determination for multiple locations and organisational branches for purposes of tax reductions and generation of more earnings, if relevant documents with supporting proofs are kept.

Modes of TAS

TAS is in various forms, varying from joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions, risk, and tax analysis examination, regulatory conditions to social & cultural implications of a company, all key factors for the success of a deal if well analysed, transactional risks are ascertained and strategic decisions are made.

Mergers and Acquisitions

From the start to the closure, TAS ensures perfect solutions for mergers and acquisitions, with the experts developing an appropriate acquisition strategy, structuring tax issues, identifying potential parties, assisting in making financial models and measuring possible risks.

Joint Ventures

Here, suitable joint venture partners are identified, the transaction is strategised, deals are negotiated by the experts, agreements are drafted, approvals are obtained, and the deal is taken to closure.

Valuation Services

In undervaluation services, SSAC adopts a defined process to estimate the financial worth of a business idea and identify the maximum price the participants are willing to pay to affect the sales.

It also uses this for the valuation of intangibles, including brand value assessment, trademarks, patents, and copyrights, among others.

Transaction Restructuring Services

SSAC assists to design and execute appropriate transaction structures by considering the implications of taxation and other regulations, given their complexities.

Debt Restructuring Services

Always the final step to deal with closure, a professional TAS as the SSAC analyses the debts of participating entities.

TAS Benefits

With a TAS provider as SSAC, you are relieved of the stress of handling tedious and time-consuming intensive transactions, not forgetting also that a thorough risk analysis empowers key players to arrive at well-proclaimed decisions backed by data and trends that constantly change the market.

Of note also is that risk mitigation measures are prepared and planned well in advance for probable risky situations, just as through TAS expert advice, it becomes more certain that you are paying the right price for a deal if it’s a case of buying it, just as the seller could optimally position the company to reap the maximum value.

All stages are as well covered, from transaction planning, risk evaluation, execution of the transaction and even the post-transaction support with TAS better helping organisations to evaluate and handle strategic corporate transactions, providing services like business modelling, M&A, and valuations.

Diversification and portfolio management are also two benefits of TAS as it provides the needed expertise to access financial transaction risks as they arise, and give the assurance that their lawyers have assessed situations and would recommend a tailored approach from a variety of options.

On the whole, you get an objective and knowledgeable adviser in SSAC for instance, providing a team approach to identifying opportunities and managing risk.

SSAC has in-depth experience and knowledge to make it possible for a business to get the most out of all areas of its operations, assuring it of getting the best value from it all.

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