Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies are facing an increasingly complex environment in Nigeria with price volatility, changing investment drivers, fiscal regime and uncertain regulatory structures coupled with shortage of skilled labour, general rising cost and higher stakeholder expectations are all common issues impacting the oil and gas sector. In the face of these challenges, enormous potentials abound in SSAC Advisory & Professionals

Financial Services

Against the background of heightened risks, market and regulatory pressures, financial services organizations are striving to grow and enhance shareholder value. The industry continues to address regulatory reforms, financial reporting requirements, implementation of cost effective strategies, innovations in fin-tech, talent acquisition and increasing demands from stakeholders. These challenges are compelling financial institutions to rethink business strategies.

Public sector

SSAC specializes in supporting the distinct needs of government and public sector organizations in fulfilling their obligations to the populace particularly in an operating environment that is challenged with policy and budgetary limitation.

SSAC offers value adding advisory services across the various tiers of government and thus help to address their various needs by developing tailored strategies and implementation of practical solutions that meet the most of their limited resources.

Supported by an integrated global network, we help government officials develop tailored strategies and implement practical solutions that make the most of their limited resources. Our engagement teams are balanced and provide valued support to various government agencies in the discharge of their mandates to stakeholders.

Technology and Telecommunication

We offer a wide range of services to make your organization more efficient and effective. Our services cut across technology advisory, information management, sourcing, security and enterprise applications.

  • Improving IT efficiency, effectiveness and alignment
  • Designing fit-for-purpose technology solutions
  • Developing analytical and technical tools to unlock the value of information
  • Deploying business intelligence solutions to drive real-time decision making
  • Sourcing and implementing the right technology platform and/or vendors
  • Enabling secure management of information access
  • Enabling technology to deliver your strategic projects on-time, on budget and to established standards

Facilitating ‘cloud’ adoption strategies safely, securely and cost effectively.

Agriculture & Industrial Market

With increased worldwide awareness of food security and sustainable food production, agriculture is rapidly growing as one of the key industries on both a global and local level.

In Nigeria there is a renewed focus on growing the non-oil sector of the economy and the Agro-industry is experiencing a renaissance with dedicated government policies geared towards encouraging farmers and investors and increasing the contribution of the sector to the GDP.

SSAC Advisory and professionals provide professional services to the agricultural sector and food value chain – commencing with the primary producer and moving through to the retailer and end-consumer. Our strength in serving this sector is derived from our skills, experience and our team of industry experts.

We are uniquely positioned to support governments at all levels as well as investors looking to explore the huge potentials that flourish in the sector. We work very closely with our clients to understand their business needs and strive to deliver value through the application of our knowledge and experience utilising industry experts available to us from our global network.

Health care

SSAC is devoted to helping entities in healthcare sector to achieve optimal business results. Drawing on a wide range of resources and a collaborative approach, our professionals create value for our clients through customized solutions.

We leverage our experiences that cut across all aspects of the healthcare industry to help organizations anticipate change and overcome the many hurdles associated with risk-based reimbursement, policy change, and clinical outcomes. We help our clients find new opportunities to improve performance in the short-term as well as achieve longer-term transformational change.

Our practice brings together healthcare leaders with deep healthcare experience across financial, clinical, operational, data analytics, and legal disciplines.

With a unique breadth, depth, and quality of resources, SSAC supports healthcare organisations re-define their operations and processes comprehensively, based on both patient-centric demands and rigorous best business practices. We work closely with clients to seek the most efficient route to affect change for providers, payers, and investors, and leverage our extensive network to connect clients with the right sources of capital to fuel transactions.

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