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Accounting, Audit & Assurance

In a rapid changing business and regulatory environment, appropriate business solution is of utmost importance to businesses. SSAC audit approach is applied consistently across the network through the use of the SSAC Audit Manual, a core technical document that complies fully with International auditing standards.

Our team will meets with you before work commences and ask questions in order to really get under the skin of your business and understand it fully. You can be rest assured that adequate resources and training exist in SSAC to support your Accounting, Audit and Assurance need as further discussed below.

In the ever changing businesses environment, the aim of most organisations is to stay ahead of competition, address the ever daunting business and accounting challenges and strive to grow in pursuit of their overall objectives. One of the critical ways to optimize operations is to move to processes that utilize paperless accounting solutions accessible remotely from any location. Enterprises in many different sectors are now moving towards cloud-based services as a result of the benefits it presents.

At SSAC, we can help your business develop a cloud-based accounting framework and thus optimize your accounting processes. Let us work with you to find the best fit for your business solutions.

Forensic Audit occurs in the event that fraud may be suspected or a specific forensic review required. This entails the detailed review and analysis of financial documents, non-financial documents and records for use as possible evidence in litigation or to support strategic business decisions.

SSAC’s fraud investigators are certified financial investigators, identifying problems and thus minimising the potential damage to your business and securing the evidence needed to obtain a conviction. We carry out this service in a manner that meets standards, which are required by law and our Clients. We also use quantitative methods and our knowledge of the law, research as well as, investigative skills. We collect, analyze and evaluate evidence, interpret and communicate findings, so as to reveal issues as they occurred.

We are confident that we can support our clients in the areas of Due Diligence reviews, Dispute Support Services, Securities Fraud, Forensic Accounting, Investigations, Anti-money laundering reviews, post-acquisition dispute,  Bankruptcy, Business Valuations, Economic Damage Calculations etc.

The essence of internal audit is to help management identify and respond to business and other control risks with the aim of  mitigating against these risks. Internal Audit at SSAC takes on a Risk-based approach; Our Internal Audit Assurance service will support our clients to identify internal control gaps, the associated risks and develop appropriate process remediation actions to close the noted gaps. We have been doing these for our esteemed client for the past 35 years and are confident of our service delivery in this regards.

Corporate Governance embodies policies, guidelines and systems an entity practices in order to conform to global best standards. Our Corporate Governance Evaluation advisory is designed to help strengthen companies by developing or improving their overall corporate governance framework and thereby enhancing their growth and long-term sustainability.

We assist firms to identify and implement suitable Corporate Governance structures and policies that will guarantee effective and transparent leadership, responsible stewardship, effective management and the highest level of corporate excellence that meet the desires of all stakeholders. The Corporate Governance services SSAC carries out are below:

  • Board Governance
  • Ownership Governance
  • Family Business Governance
  • Risk Governance
  • Merger and Acquisition Governance
  • Stakeholder Governance
  • Corporate Governance Evaluation
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