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Background Check

For organisations, the goal is to employ or transact business with individuals that will further its growth, reputation and reflect the standard of operational culture. Beyond recruitment, sieving out the best recruit goes beyond a good resume. Employers now look at employee’s criminal records, credit rating, background check and police report to glean the past to consider such employee worthy. A bad recruit could bring a dire consequence on operations and reputation of an organisation.

The alarming rate of certificate forgery and the wide spread level of corruption in Nigeria has continued to pose a daunting challenge to lenders of capital and employers of labour alike who are often times at the receiving end as information provided to them either for the purpose of obtaining loan or securing employment are often times not been verified, thus, exposing lenders of capital and employers of labour to untold economic and financial risks.

According to a statistics by an expert, one out of four Nigerian graduates seeking employment presents fake credentials.

It is a known fact that so many financial institutions especially Micro finance banks in Nigeria have wound up as a result of high volume of default in loan repayment and non-performing loans.

Our major objective is to provide support to organisations in order to help them overcome constraints that stunt their growth and ultimately threaten their survival so that they can blossom and grow.

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