Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopping is a process in which a person visits an office branch or any such location with the objective of measuring the quality of customer experience.

Many companies define detailed processes and parameters to ensure that customers will have a good experience in their sales locations. Some examples are:

  • How customers will be greeted?
  • What is the maximum acceptable waiting time?
  • What should be the temperature of the facility?
  • How many products should be on display? Etc.

To ensure that these processes are followed, Head Office hires Mystery Shopping Companies to conduct regular audits on their locations.

As part of our service, we will find people who match the target customer profile, provide them with a questionnaire for recording their experience, and provide some training on how to measure various parameters. These mystery shoppers then visit the location pretending to be a customer and make careful notes of things they have been asked to measure. The data is collated and analyzed and a report is issued to the Head Office with the aim of measuring and improving the company’s customer experience.

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