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Tax is one of the single largest business costs for most businesses particularly those engaged in oil and gas exploration and development. Therefore certainty, equity and fairness as to tax liabilities are critical factors in the business environment. The tax payers’ responsibility and policy is to pay the right amount of tax. It is with this in mind that we support relevant tax authorities and tax payers to mutually develop a reliable partnership in the establishment of certainty as to the legitimate tax liabilities through our tax related services as listed below.

Tax related services


Our experts will help you identify your payroll challenges and design a tailored payroll process that will fit your needs and reach your objectives.

We can manage efficiently and with strict confidentiality your payroll operations.

Our services cover the initial registrations of your business as an employer, regulatory compliance and registration of employees, payments due to employees and tax authorities as well as provision of tailor made reports and employee pay slips.

Tax Strategy and

Tax planning is important in managing the tax exposure of any organisation. At SSAC we help our clients to look at various tax options in order to determine when, how and whether to conduct business and personal transactions to reduce or eliminate tax liability.

SSAC help clients to carry out compliance audit which is a special audit carried out to verify whether a company has calculated and filed its tax obligations correctly in accordance with all applicable tax laws.

Petroleum Profit

We have extensive expertise in Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT) for Upstream Oil and Gas Companies. Having interacted extensively with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), and the Nigerian Extractive Transparency Industry Initiative (NEITI) we are well positioned to carry out all aspects of PPT and Royalty support. We recently codified our extensive knowledge of the PPT into Operation and Audit Manuals for the Federal Inland Revenue Service. We available to deplore our arrays of expertise in this area for the benefit of our clients

Tax Audit and

At SSAC, our professionals are highly experienced in identifying potential areas of dispute, managing tax audits and tax investigations and resolving tax disputes. Our knowledge and experience in this specialised area, acquired through assisting many of our clients in reaching amicable resolution over the years, ensure that we duly understand the key nuances of tax audits and tax investigations.


Understanding and responding to tax requirements at home and abroad can be time consuming and complicated. SSAC can help you plan and manage the challenges that come with a global workforce.

With our knowledge of cross-border tax issues, we ensure that your business is aware of local and international obligations to effectively manage such taxes to avoid multiple taxation.

Our services in this regard include the preparation and filing of expatriate tax returns as well as taxation guidance.

Transfer Pricing

Compliance with Transfer Pricing (TP) requirements can be challenging with the tax authorities seeking to maximize tax revenue on one hand and the corporate groups using transfer pricing to pursue a more efficient tax management approach. We can help our clients to make the process less challenging and cumbersome.

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